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Discovering yoga in her early thirties, high stress levels from a career as a senior communications consultant initially brought her to the mat.

With a foundation in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Fiona has studied a wide range of yoga practices. Her training includes Mandala Vinyasa and the Elements with Dulce Aguilar and Yin Yoga with Jamie Clarke of The Yoga People. Fiona has led yoga initiatives, taught at events, corporate companies and studios across London with regular vinyasa slots at Soho House group.

Embracing Patanjali's eight-limbed path of yoga, her approach is both traditional and innovative. Fiona brings her knowledge and philosophy to her teachings, with a strong emphasis on alignment and anatomy.

Fiona's classes are dynamic and inclusive. During the physical practice, Fiona aims to guide students through the postures to enable them to become more aware of the body, allowing them the time and space to concentrate on themselves and the breath throughout the moving meditation.

Fiona has travelled extensively to further her knowledge of the practice and continues to work diligently as a student of Yoga, practicing and learning from London's leading senior teachers.  

Huge thanks are extended to all of her teachers, past and present.

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